• Country
  • State/City
  • Sector
  • Tasks
    Material Supply
  • Client
    RR Group of Industry
  • Status
  • Start
    15 August, 2017
  • End
    18 December, 2017
  • Budget
    85 Thousands

Mineral Trading

VA is one of India's foremost providers of mining services. Company offer its clients with one-stop solution for all their mining requirements. Contract mining is becoming increasingly prevalent in India and developing countries as a whole (as mining and resources companies look to enhance productivity and improve efficiency). VA's experience in resource extraction, processing and infrastructure design and construction sees us well positioned to take advantage of the increasing opportunities in this market.

VA offer its clients a comprehensive range of mine operating services including.

Project Brief

We have a long and proud history givin emphs to environment social and economic outcomes to deliver the place that respond complex and global forces shaping

  • Equipment selection
  • Material handling
  • Infrastructure development and operation
  • Site rehabilitation and environmental management
  • Project and fleet management

The Result

VA is poised to take up a lot more projects in the mining sector and also planning to diversify in mineral extraction through surface mining, underground mining, coal washing and contract mining etc.

The Company has a team of professionals along with latest and technologically advanced machinery for taking up any challenging project that may come in the mining sector, in order to serve its clients better by reducing the overall mining cost.

  • Contract mining of commodities
  • Feasibility studies, concept planning and cost studies